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Michael Kadoorie

Date of Birth:


Country of Birth:

Hong Kong

Country of Residence:

Hong Kong

Source of Wealth:

Energy and Hotels

Marrital Status:

Married to Betty Tamayo



Michael Kadoorie Net Worth USD: $7,030,000,000 - $7,770,000,000

2020 Mean Estimate USD:


Michael Kadoorie Biography

Michael Kadoorie, born in 1941, is the son of Lawrence Kadoorie, the business tycoon. The family are originally from Baghdad, but his grandfather moved to the East, settling in Shanghai and then Hong Kong. His grandfather was a successful businessman and founded CLP Holdings in 1890. Kadoorie’s father and uncle further developed and expanded the company.

Michael Kadoorie is the current chairman of CLP Holdings, and his family still own 35% of the shares, Michael himself owning 18%. The company provides three quarters of Hong Kong’s electricity, and has interests in power plants throughout Southeast Asia, India, mainland China and Australia.

As well as CPL, Michael is chairman of Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, his family’s second largest business and the owners of the Peninsula Hotel Group; a director of Metrojet Ltd, Heliservices (HK) Ltd and is leading figure in the CLP Research Institute.

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