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Jogi Hendra Atmadja

Date of Birth:


Country of Birth:


Country of Residence:


Source of Wealth:

Consumer Goods

Marrital Status:




Jogi Hendra Atmadja Net Worth USD: $2,850,000,000 - $3,150,000,000

2020 Mean Estimate USD:


Jogi Hendra Atmadja Biography

Atmadja was born into a family of Chinese immigrants. The family had been baking and selling biscuits from home since shortly after his birth in 1948. It took until 1977 however, with Jogi Hendra Atmadja at the forefront and at its head ever since, for a formal company to be set up. That company was Mayora Group, known simply as Mayora.

In 1990, Mayora went public and today is one of Indonesia’s biggest and most popular food manufacturers, selling its goods to almost a hundred countries and employing approximately 30,000 people. As well as biscuits it has expanded into making and selling candy, noodles, beverages and cereal.

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