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Tiong Hiew King

Date of Birth:


Country of Birth:

Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Country of Residence:


Source of Wealth:

Timber and Media

Marrital Status:




Tiong Hiew King Net Worth USD: $927,200,000 - $1,024,800,000

2020 Mean Estimate:


Tiong Hiew King Biography

Tiong Hiew King founded the timber company Rimbunan Hijau Group in 1975. The group has forestry concerns in 16 countries, as well as interests in palm oil, oil and gas and property. He is also heavily involved in the Chinese Malaysian media, both print and digital, and he owns four daily newspapers that comprise 70% of that market.

Away from the region, he owns the Oregon Group. Based in New Zealand, it is the second largest private landowner in the country and builds both residential homes and hotels. It is also involved in the manufacture of plastic containers and the farming of salmon.

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