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Akio Nitori

Date of Birth:


Country of Birth:


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Source of Wealth:

Home Furnishings

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Akio Nitori Net Worth USD: $4,750,000,000 - $5,250,000,000

2020 Estimate:



Akio Nitori Biography

Akio Nitori is the Japanese billionaire behind the Nitori Japanese furniture and home furnishings chain. It was not always plain sailing, however. He gained a bachelor’s degree at Hokkai Gakuen University, but in order to pay for his living expenses while a student, and his tuition fees, he worked in several jobs including collecting unpaid bar tabs and even hustling at pool.

In 1967, when he was still in his very early twenties, Akio Nitori founded Nitori Holdings and opened his first store – in Sapporo. Since then the chain has achieved phenomenal success, and now has more than 600 stores. The vast majority of those are in his native Japan, but in 2013 his first store opened in the United States under the Aki-Home brand, and a year later his first store in China was opened, in Wuhan. Today, there are more than fifty stores across the US, China and Taiwan.

Nitori Holdings is floated on the Japanese Stock Exchange. Akio Nitori is still the company’s chairman, but stepped down as president in 2016.

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