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Richard Chandler

Date of Birth:


Country of Birth:

New Zealand

Country of Residence:


Source of Wealth:


Marital Status:

Married to Kady Leyau



Richard Chandler Net Worth USD: $2,755,000,000 - $3,045,000,000

2020 Estimate:



Richard Chandler Biography

Chandler is a New Zealander by birth, whose parents owned the Chandler House department store in Hamilton. He set out in business working alongside his brother Christopher for the Sovereign group of companies. With Richard as CEO, Sovereign invested in many different industries (including but not exclusively oil and gas, telecommunications, utilities, steel and banking) in countries across Asia, Europe (mainly Eastern Europe), Africa and Latin America.

In 2007 the two brothers split their assets. Richard formed Orient Global and the Clermont Group, focusing on investing in emerging markets. Orient Global underwent several name changes, becoming the Richard Chandler Corporation, the Chandler Corporation and finally the Clermont Group in 2016.

Chandler is notable for favoring investments with an altruistic motive, and in 2007 he launched a US$100 million education program to fund education in India. More recently in early 2019, he bought a controlling stake in Eviation Tech.

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